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Bird Netting & Safety Nets In Pune

About Netswala

Nets Wala has been on quite the journey since 2012 in Bird Netting and Safety Netting business. We offer world class solution to our client’s that prevents they’re property or premise from any types of birds disturbance and also provide safety to children all over Pune and India. 

We are committed to becoming the most loved and trusted net installation firm in India with a focus to prevent bird disturbance and prioritise child safety.

The company started off as keeping children safety first for residential area and then we expanded our services for industrial vertical. Today NetsWala offers a comprehensive range of Anti-Pigeon Net Management Services and Pigeon Spikes Solution throughout Maharashtra & India. To know more or to inquire, you can reach us on inquiry@netswala.com or call us on +91 9987 512 274.

Our Expertise

● Antibird Netting
● Pigeon Protection Netting
● Bird Spikes
● Invisible Grill
● Construction Safety Netting
● Children Safety Netting
● Residential Bird Netting
● Industrial Bird Netting
● Mosquito Netting
● Cricket Netting
● Football Netting
● Artificial Turf Grass

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